Friday, October 19, 2012

The ISSI Board Welcomes Aisha Johnson!

We at ISSI are pleased to welcome violist Aisha Johnson to our board!  Following is a spotlight about Aisha, so you can get to know her.

Her Background
Aisha started studying with Doralee Madsen when she was 5. She switched to viola, because as her mom says best, she liked to be different, when she was 11.   She studied with Janet Anderson until the Suzuki books ran out about mid high school.   She loved attending ISSI as a violist. There was a fun group of violists. She loved playing in the chamber groups as well because ISSI always brought in really great teachers.

Her Studio
She originally didn't think she would teach...but she always had few students and realized that when she was teaching the time just flew by! Just a couple of years ago she gave up other professional pursuits and turned all efforts to teaching and raising her little growing family. Her number one goal is that the students WANT to come to their lesson. Even if it wasn't a great practice week, even if they are tired, that she creates a fun and productive learning environment. They learn together: the students, parents, and teacher. She also believes that every child can and that every child is different. She caters to the needs of the child, even the adult or teenager that wants to start learning! Plenty of love to go around. She also started teaching because there is such a need for violist to teach viola. She studied viola in college at Brigham Young University, has a degree and still performs today.

Why Suzuki?
Aisha likes the nurturing way you can teach a child with the Suzuki method. She also believes that ear training is at the root of every good musician.

Her Role on the ISSI Board
She was given the opportunity to join the ISSI board as the viola representative and, as she puts it,  she "couldn't say no! There has been a need for some time to get the viola love back at ISSI." She attended when she was a student and loved to see old friend and make new ones. "Being a violist is more than playing the instrument," Aisha says.  "You become part of a small but passionate group of dedicated musicians and good people." She is still friends today with the friends she made at ISSI.  She is still in touch with her teachers from ISSI. When she returned to teaching full time she was sad to see that there weren't very many violists at ISSI. "That is my mission!" she replies.  "We will build the viola program back to what it used to be."

So welcome to Aisha, we are glad to have you on board!