Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Registration for 2013 is Now Open!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year...Look What's Ahead!

Intermountain Suzuki String Institute:  What is it all about? 
By Trina Christensen, Assistant Director 

You may have heard about institute in the past and wondered “should I register my child?”
The Institute experience is unlike any other that you will come across in the Suzuki Method. Institute is a miniworkshop, masterclass, recital, group class and fun all rolled into one.

We hire the best faculty from around the world to teach at our Institute. Not only do we get the best teachers from the U.S., but we have teachers from Europe and Asia as well.

The Intermountain Suzuki String Institute is perfect for the beginning student as well as the advanced student. We offer the following programs at our institute:

Twinkle Curriculum  - Includes two hours of class daily. A Twinkle masterclass group and a music and movement class.
Lower Suzuki Book Curriculum  - Includes four hours of class daily. Masterclass, repertoire class, technique class and music fundamentals class.
Upper Suzuki Book Curriculum  - Includes five hours of class daily. Masterclass, repertoire/technique class, performance class, orchestra and a chamber group.
Advanced String Camp - Includes five hours of class daily. Masterclass, chamber group, performance class and two hours of orchestra.
Chamber Days with the Fry Street Quartet - We also have an advanced chamber music camp with the Fry Street Quartet the Thursday through Saturday before institute starts where the students work one on one with our wonderful quartet. We would encourage all advanced string camp students, pre-formed quartets and upper Suzuki book students (violin books 6-8, viola books 4-5, cello books 5-6) to register for it. It is truly an amazing experience.
We also offer a bass curriculum that includes a masterclass, group class and at least one orchestra depending on their level.

In addition to our programs, we have enrichment classes that you can enroll non-Suzuki siblings for or add to your student’s curriculum for an extra fee.

We also have guest artist concerts, student recitals and concerts throughout the week.

As a parent, there are parent lectures that you can attend that every parent looks forward to. Do you wish that you could meet other parents that are experiencing the same joys and trials with practicing? The parent lectures and networking with other parents in your student’s classes do just

I have seen the joy and fire that comes from institute not only in my students, but also in my own daughter. Every year she looks forward to institute and gets excited for it. She even remembers in detail what her teachers have instructed her to do and the games that she has played. It is reassuring to every student that attends—beginner on up—to know that there are other children their same age going through the same problems and trials with the same songs that they are on. If you have a child that has been struggling with their self-confidence in their instrument or has maybe even wanted to quit, I suggest that you come to institute. It is amazing the transformation that can happen in just one week. I have seen it happen.

Let’s enrich our children’s lives with music and help them to have fun with their instrument at institute!! You can find more information on our website or to register and pay with a credit card.

Registration opens the last week in January.
Our Earlybird registration deadline is March 1st where you will save $25 on the registration fee.
There are also student scholarships available and the deadline for submission is February 20th. 
We hope to see you all at institute this June 17-22, 2013!!
Join us for our 35th Anniversary!
Featuring “ISSI Gettin’ Down” by Michael McLean which will be played throughout the week

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