Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chamber Days!

Have you heard about Chamber Days at ISSI?

Students who would like a much more extensive experience with chamber music are invited to enroll in the Advanced Chamber Music Program. Only 32 students will be allowed to enroll - eight string quartets. All Advanced String Camp students are encouraged to enroll, and violinists in books 6-8, violists in books 4-5, and cellists in books 5-6 are also invited. 

Enroll early, as it is first come, first served.
 Fry Street Quartet
Includes: Coaching and Rehearsals, Lunch, and group bonding activities (fun group chamber music activities, masterclasses, FSQ open rehearsals and/or performance, discussions, etc.)

We encourage pre-formed groups as well as individuals to sign up.

You will be assigned to a string quartet that will meet together for ten days. The first three days you will rehearse twice a day with a member of the Fry Street Quartet, and twice a day on your own. These same quartets will continue on the second week of ISSI and attend all of the regular classes listed under your registration code. You will have intense interaction and coaching from the members of the Fry Street Quartet for all ten days.

Teachers - this is an amazing experience for your more advanced students.  Encourage them to register.