Friday, August 2, 2013

Highlights from ISSI 2013

What a phenomenal Institute we had this year!  We were surrounded for a week by incredible teaching, dedicated families, and lots of fun!  Here are a few highlights

Susan Reid's Story Telling class 

Anne Montzka-Smelser helping a student find the perfect bow hold

Fun at the Cello Concert on Friday

Enjoying Pace Popsicles sold by the scholarship table


A performance of the Opera, "Caps for Sale" by Susan Reid's Story telling class

David Evenchick works with Twinkler cello students

Monday, July 1, 2013

ISSI 35th Anniversary

This year's ISSI was a rousing success!

We'll be posting reports, pictures, and videos during the next few weeks to recap this amazing experience.

The highlight of many participants was the performance of "ISSI Gettin' Down", a piece written especially for the 35th Anniversary of our Institute by Michael McLean.

Special thanks to the students, teachers, parents, faculty and staff who made this all come together.

It was one moving, memorable performance!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

48 days away...and counting!

We are only 48 days away from Institute!  48 days away from recitals, classes, chamber music, twinkles, teachers, inspiration, t-shirts, memories, and fun!

In your preparation for Institute this year, here are some things you might want to keep in mind.
(This article was originally published here, on the website of the Suzuki Association of the Americas).

Lead with a Smile! Making the Most of a Suzuki Institute by Joanne Bath,Pamela Bath Kelly Photo by South Carolina Suzuki Institute With the proper attitude and preparation, an institute can be a powerful investment in your child’s musical process, and can be a pivotal point in your family’s musical year. Just as important as your musical preparation is your approach to the new situations you will experience. Be open to meeting new people and new ideas, and remember that your child is looking at you and your responses. Lead with a smile. Here are a few other suggestions for getting the most from your family’s institute experience. Have an open mind. This can be the key to an enlightening and exciting institute. Be ready to try new ways of doing things; be willing and eager to experiment with new ideas; be flexible! Not only will your institute teachers appreciate these qualities in you and your child, but your home teacher will appreciate learning from things you have learned at the institute. Suzuki teachers love to share with each other because we realize that everyone has something special to offer. You can function as a receiver and a giver between your home teacher and your institute teachers.

Find your balance. Wonderful activities are scheduled every hour of the day. In order for you to stay fresh for your schedule and to pace yourself and your child through the week, find a regular “down” time, and don’t feel guilty!

Arrive at each class early. Quietly open your case and get your instrument ready to be tuned.

Use your tape recorder. You will be glad to be able to re-play lessons and classes when you get back to your room at night and to share them with your home teacher.

Find a regular practice time each day with your child, but be efficient. You will probably have a little homework to accomplish for your classes, and you may need to review some pieces here and there. Re-member that you are as well prepared as possible at this point, so don’t get too in-tense about trying to fix everything at once. Think of the long-term picture-getting to the institute has been a big goal, but it is also a stepping stone for other events and performances at later dates.

Remember to “put the kitty down before it wiggles.” Don’t expect younger children to make it through every class, every day. Let them curl up in your lap and watch for a while and return to the activity when they are ready. The other parents and teachers will respect you for your gentle sensitivity, and you will set a good example.

Take notes. Parents, older students, and teacher trainees should take as many notes as possible. You will learn a lot this week and you will remember it best if you have notes to refresh your memory in months and years to come. Parents should take notes on all the children in the class, not just their own.

Learn from other students. The instrument classes are intentionally grouped with four children to a lesson. Experienced teachers have learned that Suzuki’s instruction to have more than one child in a lesson allows each child and parent to learn from the others. The entire class is each child’s lesson! For that reason, both children and parents should observe the entire class and realize that what is said to one is said to all. Young children may not appear to be observing, but they will absorb everything if the atmosphere is calm and encouraging.

Trust the teacher’s judgment. Please do not be dismayed if the time distribution of the lesson is not exactly equal. The teacher will use his or her own discretion to divide the lesson in the way most profitable to all the children. If one student is an especially good example of a particular point, the teacher may use that student to demonstrate for everyone. If a child is not productive one particular day, the teacher may choose to release the pressure from that child with the hope that the next day will be doubly productive. Some young children learn best by observing until they are able to do a task. So, please and don’t push or embarrass your child. Gentle exposure with systematic support always has good results.

Support your teachers. Institute teachers try, in the space of the five days, to help each child improve his or her playing. One technique may be chosen for emphasis, or several may be covered, depending on what the teacher feels will be most profit-able for the individual student. If you don’t understand why the teacher is doing what he or she is doing, please ask. Different teachers stress different areas, so take ad-vantage of learning what the institute teacher feels is most important at this stage of development.

Remember that there are many ways of doing things in music, so if the institute teacher shows something that differs from what your home teacher has taught, do not assume that one of them is wrong! Trust both teachers, and trust yourself, and you will gain the most possible from the institute. Support both teachers and be open to new ideas, realizing that the ultimate goals are the same—to help children grow in the love of music, to help them develop into fine performers, and to help them enrich their personalities through the study of music.

Be generous with smiles and extend your friendship to others. You can do a lot to make others feel comfortable, even if you are new yourself.

Enjoy the journey through the days of the institute with your child and you will both complete the week feeling that it has been a worthwhile, happy experience

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Advanced String Camp

Do you know about the Advanced String Camp? The Advanced String Camp is certainly the highlight of our institute for advanced students. Most participants are junior high school and high school students.The camp is for both Suzuki graduates and traditional students who have reached the advanced concerto level. The camp is not a Suzuki program, so traditional students who meet the playing level requirements feel very comfortable participating.

ASC will include five days which will enable you to have more time in master classes and to perfect your chamber performances and orchestra skills. Social activities will be provided throughout the week, with a social on Tuesday night.

Spread the word! We can't wait to see you at Institute this year!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chamber Days!

Have you heard about Chamber Days at ISSI?

Students who would like a much more extensive experience with chamber music are invited to enroll in the Advanced Chamber Music Program. Only 32 students will be allowed to enroll - eight string quartets. All Advanced String Camp students are encouraged to enroll, and violinists in books 6-8, violists in books 4-5, and cellists in books 5-6 are also invited. 

Enroll early, as it is first come, first served.
 Fry Street Quartet
Includes: Coaching and Rehearsals, Lunch, and group bonding activities (fun group chamber music activities, masterclasses, FSQ open rehearsals and/or performance, discussions, etc.)

We encourage pre-formed groups as well as individuals to sign up.

You will be assigned to a string quartet that will meet together for ten days. The first three days you will rehearse twice a day with a member of the Fry Street Quartet, and twice a day on your own. These same quartets will continue on the second week of ISSI and attend all of the regular classes listed under your registration code. You will have intense interaction and coaching from the members of the Fry Street Quartet for all ten days.

Teachers - this is an amazing experience for your more advanced students.  Encourage them to register.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Registration for 2013 is Now Open!

Visit our webpage here to register!

Can't wait to see you all in just a few short months!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year...Look What's Ahead!

Intermountain Suzuki String Institute:  What is it all about? 
By Trina Christensen, Assistant Director 

You may have heard about institute in the past and wondered “should I register my child?”
The Institute experience is unlike any other that you will come across in the Suzuki Method. Institute is a miniworkshop, masterclass, recital, group class and fun all rolled into one.

We hire the best faculty from around the world to teach at our Institute. Not only do we get the best teachers from the U.S., but we have teachers from Europe and Asia as well.

The Intermountain Suzuki String Institute is perfect for the beginning student as well as the advanced student. We offer the following programs at our institute:

Twinkle Curriculum  - Includes two hours of class daily. A Twinkle masterclass group and a music and movement class.
Lower Suzuki Book Curriculum  - Includes four hours of class daily. Masterclass, repertoire class, technique class and music fundamentals class.
Upper Suzuki Book Curriculum  - Includes five hours of class daily. Masterclass, repertoire/technique class, performance class, orchestra and a chamber group.
Advanced String Camp - Includes five hours of class daily. Masterclass, chamber group, performance class and two hours of orchestra.
Chamber Days with the Fry Street Quartet - We also have an advanced chamber music camp with the Fry Street Quartet the Thursday through Saturday before institute starts where the students work one on one with our wonderful quartet. We would encourage all advanced string camp students, pre-formed quartets and upper Suzuki book students (violin books 6-8, viola books 4-5, cello books 5-6) to register for it. It is truly an amazing experience.
We also offer a bass curriculum that includes a masterclass, group class and at least one orchestra depending on their level.

In addition to our programs, we have enrichment classes that you can enroll non-Suzuki siblings for or add to your student’s curriculum for an extra fee.

We also have guest artist concerts, student recitals and concerts throughout the week.

As a parent, there are parent lectures that you can attend that every parent looks forward to. Do you wish that you could meet other parents that are experiencing the same joys and trials with practicing? The parent lectures and networking with other parents in your student’s classes do just

I have seen the joy and fire that comes from institute not only in my students, but also in my own daughter. Every year she looks forward to institute and gets excited for it. She even remembers in detail what her teachers have instructed her to do and the games that she has played. It is reassuring to every student that attends—beginner on up—to know that there are other children their same age going through the same problems and trials with the same songs that they are on. If you have a child that has been struggling with their self-confidence in their instrument or has maybe even wanted to quit, I suggest that you come to institute. It is amazing the transformation that can happen in just one week. I have seen it happen.

Let’s enrich our children’s lives with music and help them to have fun with their instrument at institute!! You can find more information on our website or to register and pay with a credit card.

Registration opens the last week in January.
Our Earlybird registration deadline is March 1st where you will save $25 on the registration fee.
There are also student scholarships available and the deadline for submission is February 20th. 
We hope to see you all at institute this June 17-22, 2013!!
Join us for our 35th Anniversary!
Featuring “ISSI Gettin’ Down” by Michael McLean which will be played throughout the week