Monday, September 1, 2014

Staying Inspired

ISSI wrapped up just a short two and a half months ago, but it does seem like it's been forever sometimes!  Here are some tips to keep that motivation going:

  1. Write down some of the important points you learned while at ISSI and keep them with your child's practice materials or on the wall in your practice area.
  2. Post pictures of ISSI in your practice room or in your case
  3. Wear your ISSI t-shirt often
  4. Stay connected with your friends from ISSI via email and social media
  5. Check out ISSI's Facebook page; there are always tips, photos, etc being posted
  6. Start planning and saving now for ISSI next year (June 15-20, 2015).  Talk with your child often about it to get them excited.
  7. Talk with your teacher and other students in your studio about next year's ISSI; see who is planning to come, and invite friends to come with you (especially those who may not have participated this year)
We look forward to seeing you in 2015!