Monday, July 17, 2017

Highlight: Saturday's Schedule

We've talked before about what a typical day at ISSI looks like, and we've even highlighted the special schedule on Monday.

Today, we're going to cover the schedule for our Farewell Day, which takes place on Saturday.

Saturday starts out with two hours of classes: the 9 am and 10 am classes are held Saturday because registration and opening ceremonies pushed them out of the way on Monday.

At the conclusion of the 10 am class, families head into the Auditorium for the book 4+ final concert.  This is a highlight of the week!  Here, students in the upper books perform pieces from their Performance Classes.  Each group of students is accompanied by the faculty orchestra on at least one of their pieces.  What a great opportunity for the students to perform with orchestra accompaniment!

Especially exciting for 2018: ALL STUDENTS will perform together on the Saturday morning concert.  We will play "ISSI Gettin' Down" in commemoration of ISSI's 40th anniversary.  It will be a spectacular sight to have every member of ISSI performing together!

When that concert concludes, families have a few minutes to gather together and maybe grab a quick snack in preparation for the final event of ISSI: The Chamber Concerts.  (All violin students, as well as book 3+ cellists & violists, need to be prepared to participate in these chamber concerts at 1 pm!)

Because ISSI has so many chamber groups, the chamber concerts are organized into a few different rooms, with recitals happening simultaneously in different locations.  Check your child's schedule for the name of their chamber coach, and then head to the room that lists your coach's name.  One coach is assigned to each room to organize the recital and help things run smoothly.

These informal chamber concerts are a fun way to conclude an exceptional week of learning and fun.  Student chamber groups get to perform for each other (and each others' families) in a small, relaxed environment.

At the conclusion of the Chamber Concerts, ISSI is officially wrapped up until the next summer.

As you leave, be sure to check the lost and found and turn in chamber music at the front desk.

And of course, check your master schedule for next year's dates so you can add them to your family calendar!

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