Friday, June 13, 2014

Institute has started...what do I need to bring?

With classes going from 9 am till 5 pm, and concerts and events after that, Institute brings with it some very long days!

Arriving prepared with the essentials (and with a few little extras!) can make all the difference in keeping your energy and enthusiasm up during the week.

Here's what we recommend:


  • instrument and bow in a case labeled clearly with your name and phone number
  • music stand
  • rosin
  • for cellos: small chair (if needed) and endpin strap
  • notebook and pen (to record all the great things you learn this week!)
  • Lunch (whether you pack your lunch, plan to purchase individual items from the school cafeteria, or plan to eat out at a nearby restaurant, know what your noon time plans are!)
  • schedule (which you'll pick up at registration)
  • name badge (which you'll pick up at registration)


  • water bottle
  • light sweater (rooms can get cold)
  • $1 bills to buy treats at the scholarship table
  • a snack or two to get you through that mid-day slump 
  • coloring books, magnet doodle boards, etc for children who have breaks
  • camera (to record all the fun you have this week!)

What about you?  What things will you be bringing with you to ISSI this year?

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